Romanian Village

Romanian Architecture In Arefu Village

This winter I brought my camera with me searching for the last traditional houses from Arefu, my grandparents romanian home village. My grandfather is an ex history teacher and a very popular man in this community. He wants to keep the values of the authentic romanian traditions and this is the reason why he ask me to come and capture the houses that represent the original architecture from the beginning of the twenty century.

This is a part of an entire project (I found more than 50 houses) but I am still working on it. In this project you will see how these houses are nowadays and you can identify elements that people have changed during the years. Most of the owners are dead and the estates are left in the shadows of time or, in a positive case, are renovated by the descendants with the new trends that alter the original appearance . It is truly sad to witness these beauties being ruined either by time and human ignorance or bad choices in architectural design.